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words & music by Mairead
Eliza walking home one day decided she must change her ways From being true to all she was taught to living out the drive she'd fought. Freedom came both swift and sweet it was as if it knew their time to meet had been written in the stars above although they had not intended to make love
Chorus: But oh the blissfull feel of it all when you let yourself fall. The blissfull feel, feel of it all
And they were like fumbling little girls and boys, making out in dark and noise. They are playing with their adult toys but they're not going to make it. Panting, sweating, sheepish smiles breaking through their covered eyes which reveals a hope a simple hope that they can stay connected...
The moment came and the moment went and so two lovers' time was spent they let it go they had to let it go but they would stay connected because the mirror of their blossomed souls would be with them as they grew old. And Eliza breathed a deep relief she had fulfilled her aching need.

words & music by Mairead
Dark and light woke up one night and realised they had both occupied the same space for sometime but had cared to stay in a place no better than indifference. And how was I supposed to have known all the time that I couldn't be living in one or the other but would have to make peace with them both. Now I've been real good at being faithful at keeping the darkside unwakened...
And the shadows, the shadows holding all my fears in one place are keeping me back from knowing my grace and I'm sick and tired of feeling so full that I'm empty. The light, the light, the light is fine when you're feeling real good and you are having a good time but I've heard it say that it's night half as much as it's day.Now I've been real good at being faithfull at keeping the darkside unwakened but I don't know if I can afford to ignore it much, la,la etc.
So I opened the door and let the dark light flood in and the dark light is cleansing all my Catholic sin and I'm still standing to tell the story. All the years of denial all the years of self trial all the years of believing that I could never be right, I've thrown them all away tonight. la, la, la etc.

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words & music by Mairead

Now the charm is broken and I am alone once again in the dark my heart is empty and I don't know where to start. Given the path I've chosen, given the life I've broken I can barely lift my head.
Chorus: But these are the moments of grace and attonement for sins past given never repeated again.
Can you ever let me walk, walk with you again, can you ever let me call you friend? Can you ever look at me and see the truth and see that it was all that I gave to you ?

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Inspired by and in gratitude to every soul
that has ever crossed my path
Created by the power of love
that overcomes all struggle
Dedicated and offered with deep homage to the
Goddess and God that reside in all of us

“how long shall i prepare, as to miss the perfection that is already there”

words & music by Mairead

Come all with your spite and restless hearts and lean your hurt on me. I'm ready to lift all weary parts and bring them to the life renewing sea.
Chorus: And there we will bathe with grief and joy 'til our troubles are washed away and reemerge with smiles and songs to face another day.
The child who cried with bitter tears for the loss of a Mother's arms A mother's burden unrelieved from hiding all her hidden charms. Come with me... Chorus
Well the clock's ticking and we're all sitting here looking at the mess and I'm just the girl who's wearing the red dress. But I can take you by the hand and lead you to the promised land, yes I can take you by the hand and lead you to the promised land. Let me take you by the hand and lead you to the promised land. Come with me...Chorus

words & music by Mairead
There's hope for us yet in this world we all live in that each one of us will survive..
I brought back with me the hurt of the human and left innocence wide eyed inside. The timing is perfect for each one is learning we're not getting out of here alive. So you may as well do your livin' now as opposed to waiting 'til you've died

Chorus: So give me all your struggle, your fallen, your troubled and I'll take them to the light in the sky I may not be an angel and I may not be your Saviour but I'm willing to give it a try
Well the bread has been broken and the word has been spoken and each left a hole in my heart. And it's not that I don't believe in Jesus, Jesus has kept me real smart. But here in this world in this time in this place the truth cannot be traced back to the old writing in a book that's been lost and which men's caged minds have replaced. Chorus
So the time it has come for each one to be counted a testament to all you've achieved. There hasn't always been a fair hand dealt but I'm sure that is not gone unseen. Can we forgive the words gone unspoken the deeds not done up to now. Don't waste your time greivin' just get busy believin that this is the start of your life. Chorus

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words & music by Mairead
Back door, wide eyed, opened up and looking to myself, driven from the hell before. Tears fell, heart broke, split mind looking out to be mended in the life ahead. I had closed the past to me and created from necessity a future that at times seemed full of hope. Then you came knocking just one more time looking for this soul of mine and asking if I can open up my door.
Chorus: Can I, can I, can I open up my door to you again, can I, can I, can I open up the door to you again?
But all those moments lying there, crying through my tangled hair, facing down the abyssian blackhole. I had sworn those dark days past that if tthrough this my soul would last I would never tread the boards again. But love took over through my soul the fact that it, that it could grow was worth the risk of pious right or wrong. And when the shackles were released from me the truth of all my rigidity would never haunt this harrowed heart again. Chorus.
Sometimes it seems easier to close the door to what went before then to open up the wounds were here to heal but I chose not to run away for the potential of a better day if that means moving through this troubled time. So Live let live and be living in the uncertainty of what comes next only knowing this will be the perfect time. The perfect place to excavate your dignity and all your grace and pack it in your chisled ancient heart. Chorus.

words & music by Mairead
Early morning waking up and the questions linger over my head like a cloud once again. What you gonna do today what's your plans and how you gonna make something of yourself. As I close my eyes and break inside I answer as best I can makin' up a line that just comes to avoid anymore questions of my personal transgressions.
But it don't make me feel any better I just feel a little smaller, a little more desperate for the heavens to open and save me.
Chorus: But why can't I just be nothin' more than what you see, two hands, one heart and blossoming feminity, Why can't I just be? 'Cos I don't know where I am and I don't know where I'm going all I know is I got love and I'm giving it out on a daily basis, isn't that enough, isn't that enough...
Can you work a little harder, can you be a little brighter, can't you get your life together 'cos you ain't getting any younger even if you're growing wise, don't you know you gotta get organised.
These words fill my soul in other moments and they are tearing at the picture
I've held for so many years, hoping and praying for annointment to save me.

All songs, words & music by Mairéad
Mairéad-vocals, acoustic guitar, bodhran
Chris Tarrow-acoustic & electric guitars, mandolin, mandoguitar
Helen Yee-violin
Henry Hey-keyboards
John Hebert-upright bass
Dan Vonnegut-drums & percussion
engineered & mixed by Chris Tarrow: assisted by Nicky Lazar
mastered by Will Schillinger at Pilot Recording Studios, nyc
photography by Alan Roche: makeup Marisa Fazzina
design by Alan Roche & Mairéad
layout by Leonardo Pavkovic
recorded in new your city 2002
produced by Mairéad & Chris Tarrow