words & music by Mairead

Om to the preachers, the teachers, the reachers, the leeches that live upon this planet Om to the needers, the feeders, the pleaders, the leaders that walk on the same granite
And dive right in, into your darkest, darkest fear
Dive right in and swim 'til the light appears
Dive right in
Om to the hopers, the jokers, prognostic quoters who fashion our beginnings Om to the haters, creators, manipulators, that give us our ideas
And dive right in know that you're shedding skin
And dive right in meeting your ancient kin
Dive right in
Om to pretenders, the lenders, the benders, agendas that lead us to our folly Om to defending, to collective pretending, om to the space from our being
Dive, dive right in, into your darkest, darkest sin
And dive, dive right in, into the light, into the light swim
And to the light swim, Om

words & music by Mairead

Aah, aah, aah, see the light, see the light, see the light, see the light

I hear you calling from your head, I see you broken close to dead
I feel the life drained from your heart and yet your spirit calls you
To start all over again, to rise up, rise from this pain
Because the hurt you've lived can be turned to see the light, you can see the light Aah, see the light, see the light, see the light, see the light
The child was taken from your arms
A love once gold now has lost all of its charms
A man left helpless, hopeless lost must now kneel down and
Pick up his cross all over again and try to rise from this pain
Because the hurt you've lived can be turned to see the light, you can see the light
The light in your love and the light in your soul
And the light in the people that won't let you go
The light in your hope and the light in your dreams
And the light in the strength in the strength that it takes
To start all over again, to rise up, rise from this pain
Because the hurt you've lived can be turned to see the light You can see the light, see the lightŠ

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words & music by Mairead

Let me be the action that I want to see

Let me speak the message that I want to hear
Let me be the change
Let me be the worker that I want to work with
Let me be the sister that I want to sister
Be the change you want to see, there can be no other policy
For humanity to evolute the change must start with each of you
Let me be the mother that I want to run to


words & music by Mairead

The battle was over as they walked through the sand

Their arms feeling heavy from the blood on the land
The pale moon was lighting but no joy was their way
They could sleep a few hours before fighting the next day
The child watched the men moving on their way
Her father lay dead he would not see the next day
She hoped the sacrifice she had paid in the field
Would someday a salvation to her fully yield
But none of this fighting seemed to make any sense
How could killing one man for another make recompense?
There had to be another way she'd known it from the start
There has to be another way so she opened up her heart
Little girl, little girl, why do you cry?
Little girl, little girl dry your sweet eyes
Little girl, little girl here comes the time for you
Little girl, little girl don't lose your faith
Little girl, little girl I can see the gate
Little girl, little girl it's opening up for you
But oh the pain of opening the wounds were laid to bear
It was easier to stay closed up, pretend she wasn't there
The drugs, the hate, the blaming all were options she could choose They seemed so readily simple, perfect for her to use
But she'd tried that way so many times and yet here she was again
To learn this lesson one more time, this time she would not fail
So she opened up to everything she knew that she could feel
So here comes the last chapter but this story isn't over
It seems the girl grew up, she became a little older
She opened up to everything she knew that she could feel, all the pain, all the joy And sometimes it came through but she kept moving along she just kept moving along and inspired this ...

words & music by Mairead

And I've tried so many times to walk away

And I've given what I believed to be all the hope I had to get me through the day And I've got down on my knees begged the Gods please, please to release me but you keepŠ
Calling me back, pulling me back, calling home to you once more
And somehow we give, we give more than we feel we've got left to give And then we dig, we dig to the bottom of our souls to find that there's no end to it And we hold on, hold on to ourselves, hold on to our dreams, all our visions of the perfect life and pray that you'll keep...
Yeah and now listen, listen, listen ...I know the day sometimes seems so long and hard And everything you believed and everything you perceived seems so far away You wonder if you ever thought it all
But I'm here to say, I'm here to declare that the wall that you're hitting is the last step to this Stairway and the first step to the next one (that will take you on up, bring you on up)
And I am not afraid to believe and I am not afraid to conceive
That everything I've desired is completely possible
So here I am, I am opening up my hands to you
I have packed up all my hopes and I have packed up all my fears,
I have packed them in a bag and thrown them far away from me
And so I stand naked of all my needs, naked of all my deeds
I am standing and waiting for you to bestow your love on me cos you are...

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words & music by Mairead

Let me take you home, home into the night
Night of the dark soul, soul into the light
Light before the dawn, dawn into the calm
Calm before the storm, storm inside your heart
Outside yourself the day runs long, sometimes the truth is harder when Veils of illusion have fallen away you're stuck with yourself at the end of the day No one to blame no finger to point, you feel you're the only one alive in the joint Arguing bodies all over the place, you've manifested sabotage in your face
The reality of this fear inside shows outwardly in the pain you hide Buried under years of doubt, it comes back to haunt you now
People that you want to love but all you see is ugliness
There's got to be a way out of this, reaching for the healing kiss

words & music by Mairead

The forces of evil are bringing me down

Objects of treason insulting the crown
Old school's in power, they're calling for war
Feels like we've been here before...
But I carry the sun as I make my way through time
Cos I've got time, time on my side and there is nothing that can hide Can hide from the...
Son of all reason, the daughter of hope
All washed away by an oil tainted soap
The people don't want it but what can you do
How can we change this prevailing hue?
All that I've known, all the seeds that I've sown are reflecting, connecting to me The spaces outside, the astute, the unwise
The defenseless, the senseless, the weak
How we create it, how we desecrate it, depends on the message we seek The actions we take and not speak, the seeds that were sown we now reap
But we, we can carry the sun, as we make our way through time And we have time...

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words & music by Mairead

Outside my window pane, the light comes shining in

Outside my window pane, your love breaks through the din
And for your love I have waited a hundred years or more
And for your love I've lived a thousand lives before
And with this love I am lifted up
And with this love I believe
I believe that I can be all I dream to be

words & music by Mairead

There's hope for us yet in this world we all live in that each one of us will survive I brought back with me the hurt of the human and left innocence wide eyed inside The timing is perfect for each one is learning we're not getting out of here alive So you may as well do your living now as opposed to waiting 'til you've died

So give me all your struggle, your fallen, your troubled
I'll take them to the light in the sky
I may not be an angel, I may not be your Saviour but I'm willing to give it a try
Well the bread has been broken, the word has been spoken and each left a hole in my heart And it's not that I don't believe in Jesus, Jesus has kept me real smart But here in this world in this time in this place the truth cannot be traced Back to the old writing in a book that's been lost and which men's caged minds have replaced
So the time it has come for each one to be counted a testament to all you've achieved And there hasn't always been a fair hand dealt but I'm sure that it's not gone unseen But can we forgive the words gone unspoken the deeds not done up to now Don't waste your time grieving just get busy believing that this is the start of your life

words & music by Mairead

He laid down his head, she kissed his lips

He laid down his head and she spoke
She spoke of all the things he'd longed to hear
And now they were whispered in his ear
He laid down his head and it was love
She held out her hand, it was taken in his
She held out her hand and he led her away
Away from fear, away from doubt
Away from everything that she worried about
She held out her hand and it was love
And all the time they had spent alone
Made this perfect time worth every second gone
They laid out their souls and it was love

words & music by Mairead

And now has come the time for lone perception
A time that I had thought our paths would heal
But I still find I'm alone in this connection
In a place where resolution slips my feel
Back then was all the hope for transformation
A clear view of the chosen choices made
And the hope that we could put it all behind us
And be filled with thanks for everything we'd learned
This is the dawn of revelation
But still the hurt it lingers in our bodies
And I pray it will release us all someday
Bring down, bring down the dawn of revelation
On all our punctured souls today
Bring down, bring down the dawn of revelation
On all our punctured hearts today
And inside this dawn of revelation, all troubles passed will melt away

A huge thanks to Jim, Robert, Jimi Z, Chris & the boys for
bringing these tunes to a magnificent place. Jim, for all the late nights,
belief in the music and constant positivity – I love ya.
Áine Carey for believing, connecting & supporting all the way.
Rebert (my road sister), Mam & Dad & the rest of the Clan,
Annette & Thomas (my Irish roadsters), Justin Robert James &
Gina, Gemma B (inspiration lady), my CMOM Girls, Stephen
Phillips, David Emery(Inn Keeper). My NYC band: Dan
Vonnegut, Skip Ward, Helen Yee. Joanne Kolker Larsen,
my other NYC Sirens: Jenny Bruce & Amy Fairchild.
Chris Tarrow, Louie Miranda, Sarah, Scott & all @ the Lodge,

Susi Schropp, Melvin Benn & all @ Mean Fiddler, Eoin @
Arlene’s, Andy & 12Bar Club London, all @ IAC NewYork,
Thomas Zachmeier, Phoenix Films Germany, John Plenge,
Doug Biro, Karl Mullen, Jack Batman & most importantly
Liam(my con“spirit”or—your reflection is my direction).

I especially acknowledge the two souls who passed to the other side
while this record was being made: my friend & agent James Larsen &
Dixie’s Dad Phil Crosby.
And to all who journey with me in this crazy dream, I thank you for your company as we keep movin’ along…

All Songs, Words & Music by Mairéad, Produced by Jim Goodwin
All songs arranged by Jim Goodwin & Mairéad Engineered by Chris Fuhrman,
Recorded at Eggchair Music, Hollywood CA
Mastered by Sarah Register @ The Lodge, NYC
Photography by Alan Roche (Assisted by Shawn Robinson)
Hair & Make Up by Amber King, Album Design by Diva Design Executive Producer Liam Lynch